“If you want to accomplish your goals and make your career aspirations a reality, stop asking people for permission. Go and do the work; develop a failure resistant mindset and take possession of your dreams. – Kacey O. Johnson


Our Mission – Our Vision – Our Values

Mission Statement:
Use the power of career development to transform lives by empowering people to pursue their career goals and achieve their financial aspirations.

Vision Statement:
Teach people how to use career development strategies, personal development philosophies, and money management techniques to create the future they desire.

Core Values:
Greet everyone with a smile – Treat people with respect – Do the best you can – Ask for help when you need it – Help others when you can – Do right by customers, community and co-workers – Pursue your goals with ferocity – Keep it simple – Have fun doing it all!

Who We Are

It’s a beautiful thing when your passion and career come together. At the Career Action Network our passion is helping you build a career that you’re passionate about. We do this by helping you identify your special talents, abilities and reasoning. Helping you identify the industry that fits your personality, career goals and financial aspirations. We want to empower your growth and help you develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. The future is created by what we do today. Become a member of the Career Action Network today and let us help you build a brighter future for yourself and your family. Career Action Network is a Service Disabled Veteran Own Small Business (SDVOSB) offering full service career, workforce and management solutions to individuals, public entities, social service programs, and faith-based groups.

What We Do

Nothing in your life will change until you change. Career Action Network is committed to helping our clients change their thinking when it comes to career development. We do this by identifying the elements of a successful career, building confidence and creating strategies to achieve career satisfaction and financial independence. Our holistic approach to career development will guide you through the process of understanding how career strategies, personal development and money management all work together and how to successfully transition through each stage as they climb the ladder of success.

About Kacey "The Career Evangelist"

26073_100778696623893_649680_nPossessing a strong combination of broad work experience and advanced education, Kacey has seen it all. From corporate trainer to small business owner to ministry leader and now published author, Kacey brings a wealth of career development experience to the table. Kacey possesses a Bachelor’s in Corporate Training and Development and a Master’s in Leadership Development. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Organizational Development and is a certified career development facilitator with over 12 years of experience as a career and workplace consultant and strategist.

Kacey is an Honorably Discharged former member of the United States Marine Corps. His desire to help military families led him into teaching the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) for several years. Helping military families with their career transition from the military into the civilian workforce. Kacey’s passion for training, career development and entrepreneurship inspired him to design and facilitate several business, leadership and career development workshops for various government agencies, faith-based organizations and corporations.

Coming from a poor socio-economic background, Kacey knows first-hand the career struggles many of us face. Financial difficulties, poor career choices, low self-esteem and bad decision making can all play a part in destroying your career and future. Kacey has been described as a dynamic speaker and facilitator. His experience and education uniquely positions him to assist you in building your career, strengthening your workforce and creating the future you desire most.



Nothing in your life will change until you change. Career Action Network is committed to helping our clients change their thinking when it comes to career development.